User guide

1. Principle

To submit a vocal request, all you have to do is to call our answering by dialing +33972499543, and to leave a message describing your need.
If you have an android smartphone, you can also use the Servoices application (See below).
You can also use the audio_capture WEB page if you have a recent smartphone.

We will process your request then we will send you the result by email or sms.
By default, we will send you the answer to your request by sms. If you want to receive it in a different way, you can specify it in your request.


2. Possible Requests

You will find below some examples of requests that you can submit:

  1. Management of personal lists
  2. Sending and sharing of Information
  3. Searching of information
  4. Programming of alarms
  5. Vocal Purchase

3. The Servoices Android application

This application is a voice recorder that will allow you to send very easily and very quickly some audio recordings containing a vocal request.
It can be downloaded and installed on your android smartphone from the Google Play Store (You will find it by searching pte.servoices).

But you can also download it with this link


4. TreesOfCloud : Your personal trees in the Cloud

We provide an Internet page, that can be viewed comfortably on smartphones and that will allow you to manage your various personal lists such as your shopping lists, your list of notes, your todolist, ... You can even define your own category of items.
You will also be able to create hierarchical lists, i.e. trees, and to manipulate these structures easily.
Your data will be stored on remote servers, which will allow you to access your structured lists from any device at any place.
Of course, we propose the best security options to guarantee your data could not be stolen or corrupted (For instance, in spite our servers are completely secure, you can choose to encrypt your texts on the client-side, before they are sent).

The address of this page is
This page can be displayed on every smartphone embedding an internet browser (Android, Iphone, Windows Phone, ...).


5. Creation of a Servoices account

The creation of a Servoices account is free and allows you to access more services and to improve the processing of your requests. Thanks to the information you provided, you will be able to send messages to addressees by naming them rather than specifying their number or their email.
Pour procéder à l'ouverture d'un compte Servoices, rendez-vous dans l'onglet "Espace Client" et cliquez sur "Enregistrez-vous".

6. Formulas and pricing

We propose you 2 formulas to access the services of Servoices:

  1. The Okaz formula is dedicated to an occasional use
    It allows you to have a free basic acces to the services of Servoices: Once registered, you can benefit freely from 5 transcriptions, 5 sms et 5 processing of requests by an operator of Servoices. It also allows you to access to your personal Servoices lists from your smartphone or from your computer.
    You will be able at any time, to upgrade to the Pulse formula from your customer space.
    Then your Servoices account debited for each use of a Service by the matching amount:

    At any time, you will able to switch to the Pulse formula from your Space on if your balance is greater than 20 Euros.
  2. The Pulse formula is more adapted to a frequent use of Servoices.
    The package includes:

    When the package is exceeded, the use of Servoices is charged at the same rate than for the Okaz formula. This package is not binding: The 20 euros amount you pay gives access to one month of use. At the end of this period, if you have not you credited your account again for a Pulse formula, you will be switched to an Okaz formula.

7. Conditions of use

  1. If you use our answering (rather than the Android application), your phone number must not be hidden and you must call from the one of the numbers you have specified in your registration form.
  2. Patronage
  3. Participation
    1. Using Servoices and TreesOfCloud allows to acquire shares of the Servoices company.
    2. This is the case, among others, when you register, when you send a voice request or when you add items to your personal lists with TreesOfCloud.
    3. Servoices reserves the right to cancel some donations of shares if it turns out they are the result of a "artificial" use (requests without meaning, use of scripts, ...).
    4. The users can consult the total amount of their participation in their Servoices space. However, this amount is indicative and becomes definitive only after validation by the direction(management) of Servoices.
  4. To avoid any delay in the processing of your requests, your Servoices account must be in credit by the amount needed for these requests.
  5. To credit your account, you must first click on "My Space" and identify yourself. Then you must access to the management of your credit by clicking on "Your credit".